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NEWS 2016 / 17 / 18

20180116- S7A2855

The red rock “El Colorado "


Whales are back !

Fin whale exlporing the bahia at El Colorado - Feb 19th 2016


Plus new sealion colony just up the coast a short way.

20180116- S7A3015

                                    Taken Tuesday 16th January 2018

IMG 1973

Fin whale seen from the panga 10th April 2015 -  a pod surrounded the paga less than a mile off shore.

20180116- S7A3078

                                             Love the sunbathing ! ( Jan16th 2018 )


Now that’s a crab !

IMG_1091 (2)

The red rock of the Colorado


    Calm seas , good company , and a lot of whales at sea  gave our Panga riders a real treat !  

                                             **** NEWS ***** New Road is wonderful !!!~

NEXT TRIP - 27th April

  Depart 7.30am.  

Reservations required as always , book your places.

Lunch special sea food ( always great and very fresh ) 250 pesos , Kayaks to rent 250 pesos per head , hike , walk the beaches , Panga trip @ approx 250 pesos if enough people wish , runs about 2 hours up the coast and back.

Because we have to book the lunches ahead and reserve kayaks we need reservations as early as possible, also there are limits to the numbers we can have in a group from a practical point of view !

Come enjoy the day , the trip , explore , kayak , hike or beach comb !

Email us for reservations.

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